Applied Mechanics Dr. Frishmuth is available to work with you or your engineering staff to provide expert applied mechanics support in areas such as finite element analysis, fracture mechanics evaluations, or failure analysis.
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Finite Element Analysis

These three figures provide typical examples of finite element analyses performed by Dr. Frishmuth recently. The figure to the left is a three dimensional model of a segment of a dog type connector. This model was constructed and loads applied so that the stress concentration in the dog window could be established. One half of the dog window is shown near the center of the model. The plane that cuts the dog window in half is a plane of symmetry in the model.

The figure below is a shell element model of a complex structural joint. Others constructed a global model using beam elements and generated the forces and moments to be imposed on this shell model. The shell model was necessary to correctly define regions of high stress in this very complex joint. Although not visible in the figure, there are several plates buried inside those shown.

The figure below is an axisymmetric model of a typical clamp type connection. The locking ring to the right of the figure is driven downward. The ring slides behind (to the right) of the clamp segment. This action pulls the upper clamp flange and the lower clamp flange toward each other and squeezes the seal (the small part to the left of the figure) between the flanges. Analysis is necessary in this type connection to establish the load to set the seal as well as to predict the tension and bending capacity of the connection. Connectors of many different designs are often analyzed in this fashion.




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